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From last one year we have been receiving marriage proposals but things start amazingly but every time it end up with disappointment. When will i get married. Is it love or arranged. How will be my life after marriage! I love a guy his name is vivek. I love this guy soo much plz guide me will our marriage is possible? Will he marry me???

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Dear sir My name is fateh raj. I am in love. My detail Fateh raj Dob My partner detail. Tamanna solanki Dob Reference no: Paid for two horoscope readings, received only mine. The details of second horoscope are ; noon, faridabad, haryana I have mentioned all my problems in my mail to you with the Same reference no. I hope you will reply me soon. Is there marriage possibility between me n this person? For paid customers this is not right place.

Other people will think about privacy policy. Whatever you want to say you can just email or call me. I love a boy alot we are in a relationship from last 4 years …and nw his family is not ready for our marriage and i cant see him wid anybody else plz help me we love each other alot and want to marry… Details of boy Name-Amol Babar Dob Place of birth-bhid Time of birth AM.

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I want to know about my marriage. Love or arrange.. I m in love. Bt my family dnt agree him.. Due to a lot of workload. We are unable to answer your questions. Give me a call between 5 to pm on , I will happy to assist you. You can also whatsapp me your queries on Here is a link for payment. I am in love with girl, but there are so many obstacles for marriage. Pls tel me whether we will marry?

Dear sir, When i get marriade? Love or arrange marriage? And how will my love ,marriage and sex life? Pls sir kindly help me. B — coochbehar. My dob Im inlove with my colleague right now. I want to know if he feels the same way and if he is my future lifetime lover and partner. Sir, me and my boyfriend have decided to Marry and our Family Members also got agree , i just want to know how will be my marriage life? You will gwt married very soon. For full marriage prediction,we can provide you a marriage report. You need to pay rs. Hello sir , Sir my DOB I can guide you how to get her back but will need full date of birth of your life partner as well.

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I will give you some mantra of attraction. Your marriage will be an arranged marriage. For marriage life prediction, we can have provide you with a marriage report. For that,you need to pay rs. Will my marriage love or arranged. My name: devaki dob: I am very confused to get into a relation right now.

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  • At present, I only want to make a love relation with a girl who will be my life partner. My mars is in Leo, and it has IX by it.

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    Does that mean it's in the 9th house? Jan 21, 7. ALL of my serious relationships happened when I was either enjoying myself or having fun somehow. Jan 21, 8. Jan 21, 9. Jan 21, Somebody help me! Well- I'll have to be out and about to meet him currently a homebody. Mars is in Leo 5th and Jupiter is in Aquarius 11th. ETA: Venus is Cancer. Read the symbol wrong. It's so small. My Jupiter is in Pisces which is my 8th house and since I have problems managing my own damn money, I'd say that it was highly unlikely, lol.

    Mars in 1st house I seriously believe it. I hate that I have to do everything, damnit.

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    • A bitch gets tired of being the initiator all the damn time. Not sure how I feel about this one Mars 6th house Sensitive Saturn Transit reading - good reading no complaints. Thank you. Very accurate and seems to be interesting Thank you for the report and guidance. It shows that you pretty much know about me, same as the way my life is going. Thank you for such a nice description of my personality.

      A very realistic reading. Always a good experience to seek advice from you.

      So true Birth analysis!!! Can not belive. Great reading and analysis! Pretty spot on!

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      Fantastic its so accurate cheers - Suresh Raturi. Its really amazing - sree narayana prakash. D10 Career report with 2 year scan is very helpful and thorough. Seems to be pretty good analysis - sreedhar. It's the best astrology app and website that I have ever watched upon! Thanks to guruji!

      I am satisfied with the astrological calculation and reading - Saurav Debnath. I think its excellent. Thank you for this one. I find this report to be precise and helpful.

      I am Very much satisfied with the report. Thank you Indianastrology Yes,ultimate truth. Thanks Indianastrology - Srinivas.